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An innovative investigator network dedicated to reliable enrollment and patient-centric safety through our expertise in clinical trials and research.

Innovation. Technology. Quality Data.

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About BV Medical Research

We are a Site Management Organization (SMO) with an experienced network of clinical research investigators embracing today's technology to optimize reliability and data quality of clinical trials.

Our team of sites and staff are committed to ensuring optimal patient safety and comfort while upholding ethical conduct and Good Clinical Practice standards.

It is our mission to improve the quality of medicine and treatments available by embracing technology through our decentralized network of highly experienced and involved investigators.

Based out of Niagara Falls, Canada we are dedicated to serving our amazing community by accelerating clinical research in the USA and Canada.

Who We Are

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mondeesh Sidhu

Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nikhil Joshi

Calgary, Alberta, CA

Business Unit Director

Business Unit Director

Rodney Butt, MSc, MBA

BV Medical Research fulfills the needs of clinical research for today and for the future

  • Our Vision

    A community in which everyone is able to achieve their optimal level of health and wellness by enabling the introduction and innovation of new treatments and therapies.

  • Our Technology

    Our industry leading technology allows for consistent and reliable data. Cloud capabilities allow for rapid and seamless accessibility of data throughout our network.

  • Our Values

    We value each individual, and believe the most effective way to improve care quality for most people is by directing efforts towards a broad selection of human health disciplines.

  • Our Care

    We place patient-centered and authentic care at the core of our services. We emphasize genuine connections and work with our patients to understand their unique needs and improve their health.